Synergy Theater 
performs full-length improvised plays in a variety of styles and formats.  We strive to create theater with wonderful stories, compelling characters, and the vibrant spontaneity of the art of improvisation.  

Kenn Adams, Artistic Director
(925) 408-8540


Kenn Adams
Kenn Adams is the Artistic Director of Synergy Theater and the author of the book How to Improvise a Full-Length Play; The Art of Spontaneous Theater. He is the creator of the classic short form improv games Sit, Stand and Kneel and The Family Dinner (a.k.a. Ding/Buzz or Biography) as well as The Story Spine, a simple exercise for understanding story structure that has been embraced by improvisers, writers and teachers the world over. Kenn began his career in New York City with Freestyle Repertory Theater, the New York Home for TheatreSports, and has been performing, directing, and teaching improvisation for more than 20 years. He is proud and delighted to be working with the cast of Synergy Theater. 
Justin Carns
Much like modern theatre, Justin got his start in the church, where he was a cherub in the Christmas Pageant. Throughout the years Justin has been in many shows, classic and modern, musical and straight. Justin's love of stage acting forged a path through his school years all the way to college where he earned his BA in Theatre from UC San Diego. Improvisation for him began as a warm up game, mostly done in classes, then after college that changed; he joined San Diego Theatresports and learned what a diverse and wonderful artform improvised theatre can be. Since moving back home to the East Bay Justin has contimued his love of improvised theatre with his work as as a director/performer of SomeAntics Improv before finding his home as a member Synergy Theater. 


Ben Piper
Ben Piper started doing improv in 2001 at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and has since been blessed with the opportunity to perform with groups in Edinburgh, Seattle, and Concord. Ben lives in the East Bay with his wife and daughter and is overjoyed to have found an improv home as a company member with Synergy Theater! Ben loves high fives, so give him one after a show, and he’ll know you read this far into his bio.

Lynn Shields  

Lynn’s love for comedy dates back to the days of watching The Dick Van Dyke Show, Carol Burnett and, of course, Saturday Night Live.  Although she flirted with the idea of becoming a sketch-comedy writer ala SNL, Lynn ultimately chose a career as a clinical psychologist—a career which she has enjoyed for over twenty years.  Working in this field provides a lot of inspiration for her character work—both comedic and serious. Lynn started her formal training in improv at the Pan Theater in Oakland where she, together with several of her fellow improv students, formed the short form troupe Ace of Hobos with whom she still performs on a regular basis. In October of 2013, Lynn was delighted to attend a Synergy Theater production (Z is for Zombies) and knew immediately she wanted to be part of what they were doing.  


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